Sunday, April 4, 2010

Follow the Neighbors...

.. a story may emerge

Turns out, it is good advice.

In 1850, Ann is found in the 5th Ward of New York, living with a group of people, a Rufus Davenport and his son or grandson, George (age 21) and two other women, Harriet Cable (46, from Connecticut) and Harriet Webb (60, also from Connecticut).

I was trying to find the Davenports family in City Directory - to see if they headed up a boarding house, and ended up tracking George for 30 years.

George marries a Sophia and moves to Maryland (Harford County) where he is listed as a teacher. Living with Sophia and George is Harriet Cable.

In 1870, George, Sophia, and a daughter, Harriet (9), along with Harriet Cable, are in Rye, New York, down the street from the Merritt family. At this point, George is listed as a lawyer in the 1870 census.

In 1880, Sophia and Harriet (19) are still in Rye, again near the Merritt family, but George is not living at home; he is in a boarding house in Connecticut.

  • A teacher and then a lawyer?
  • Is George the reason the Nolan's ended up Rye? -- I still can't find them in 1870 -- the reason for their move remains elusive -- is this family part of the puzzle?
  • Did Ann see George socially? Where the families friends?
  • Was Harriet Cable an aunt or a mother in law of George's - and therefore, he was responsible for her well being?
  • How did Sophia and Harriet get along? Was Sophia glad to name her only child after her? Or was it done grudgingly, at the request or demand of her husband?
  • Why did George move away?
  • After George is gone, Sophia is listed as a music teacher? Where -- did she give private lessons or did she teach in a school?
  • What happened to Harriet? I see a Harriet Davenport listed in the marriage indexes in Westchester's Archives -- is this her or her daugther?

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  1. I'm hoping to see Nolan in May -- he might have some pieces of the puzzle?