Anne Hoey Nolan Timeline and Documentation

Timeline (and documentation)
1835, April 29:
born Kilicumnin Point Parish, Tirawley Barony, County Mayo
Anne McConnell leaves Ireland for America.  Meets and marries John Edwards. Settles in New Orleans.

Elizabeth McConnell, Anne's mother, dies

1847, May
Anne departs from Galway on the Emma Prescott; she sailed under the name of Anne Edwards, her maternal aunt
1847, August 10
Anne arrives in New York City
Anne gets work in a boarding home in Hell's Kitchen, New York
Census  Ann Hoy listed in Ward 5 (Hell's Kitchen) with the following people
  • Rufus Davenport (70)
  • George F. Davenport (21)
  • Harriet Cable (46)
  • Harriet Webb (60)
  • Caroline B Webb (36)
[VERY tentative ]Census - John Nolan (25) listed in 4th Ward of New York City; John is listed as a carpenter with other adults, mostly male, a few female, ranging in age from 14-40.

Second entry for a John Nolan, also feasibly our John, living with a Nolan family (headed by a Margaret) and a Murphy family -- in the 1st Ward of New York City.
1851- 1857
Anne marries John Nolan
Morris born

City Directory, New York City, lists 11 John Nolans - possible entry / match is one in the 18th Ward (1860 Census) on 194 E 25th Street.

Thomas born

Census, possible entry for Anne and John - in Ward 18 -East Side 12th - 25th Streets ( District 6)

  • John (26) laborer
  • Ann (23)
  • Morris (2)
  • Thomas 5/12th-is this the "unnamed" baby buried in Calvary Cemetery?
Stephen and John born

Mary Gagan born

Ellen born
    John and Stephen drowned - March

    City Directory, New York City, lists 16 John Nolans -

    "After Anne and John were married they moved to White Plains to work for Whitlaw Reid, the owner of the New York Tribune and one of the most illustrious reporters of the Civil War. John's occupation was given as a laborer in the census of 1870. Anne's was given as a maid."

    Census entry Anne McCarthy lists - not found

    • Census possible entry for Anne and John - in Ward 17 District 11; only lists Anne and John - John is listed as a Steward- no children (should have Morris, maybe Stephen and John (unless the accident had already happened?), Mary, and Ellen by then)

    John born -- death entry in SSindex lists 1874 as year of birth

    Catherine born

    Nicholas born

    Margaret born

    Census entry for Anne and John in the Town of White Plains, Village of White Plains, on June 30, 1880; our story tells us "the whole family is listed" By now, Stephen and John (the sons that drowned) have passed.
    • John (50) as farm laborer
    • Ann (43) keeps house
    • Morris (22) farm laborer
    • Mary (15) at home
    • Ellen (12) school
    • John (9) school   --  death entry in SSindex lists 1874 as year of birth
    • Catherine (8)
    • Nicholas F (3)
    • Margaret (3)
    John Nolan dies

    Anne lives in Port Chester, on Pearl Street ;living with her, John Nolan (lineman) and Miss Margaret Nolan (who worked at W&S) ; entry in Port Chester City Directory, 1900, for Ann Nolan (widow) at 57 Pearl Street, Port Chester.    I find many of Anne's children in the 1900 Federal Census -- living in the Greenwich area.

    The 190 US Federal Census also lists Ann living with John and Margaret Nolan (both single). Anne is listed as a 74 year old widow -- with 5 living children and 3 children deceased.

    • 5 living children: Morris, Mary, Ellen, John, Catherine, Nicholas, Margaret --> does not add up 
    • 3 deceased children: Thomas(baby died in 1860) and the boys who drowned (Stephen and John)
    This census response also gives her immigration year as 1853 - not 1847.

    1915, March 26
    Anne Hoey Nolan dies - her  name is given as Ann (no e) Nolan.

    Death Certificate lists her parents as Nicholas Hall and Elizabeth McConnel.  Her birth date is given as April 29, 1835.  She is buried at St. Mary's Cemetery in Rye, (Port Chester) New York.    Her son, John Nolan, of 119 Pearl Street signed her death certificate.


    1. Hello,

      My name is Thomas Hoey and I am the great grandson of Nicholas Hoey, Anne Hoey's half brother. I would love to get in touch with you to learn more about Anne and her descendants and share the information I have on Nicholas and his brother John. You can raech me at

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      How DELIGHTFUL to hear from you and I apologize for the delay in responding. My children are making me insane.

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