Saturday, March 6, 2010

Catholics Need not Research...

I have just started my genealogy journey -- and as you can tell, I jumped in to the deep end of this pool quickly. I have had trouble finding our family in standard marriage record sources!

I started to think I was related to long line of "live in sinners" who had set aside convention and never married. Then, at a visit to the glorious DAR Library (Daughters of the American Revolution) I noticed a trend - no books on Catholics. Lots of books on Episcopal churches - inventorying the cemeteries, etc. Same with Lutheran congregations. I noticed that most of the records I am finding (those related to religion) are often not Catholic.

I was intrigued. So, I turned to Google (the source of all knowledge in the universe) and a few pieces fell into place - bottom line, there is a story and there are Church documents on the story ... ahh... always drama in my little life....
I will have to try to guess churches and contact them for records! I can do that! I am first going to add some detail to the family tree -- get actual death dates from local death notices -- and that will take some time -- and then start thinking Churches. Any suggestions you all have -- send 'em along.

Am starting with Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church in Byram, Connecticut and Our Lady of Mercy in Port Chester, New York.

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