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Maurice Nolan April 28, 1858 - January 3, 1933

Maurice Nolan was the oldest son of Anne Hoey Nolan, an immigrant to American from County Mayo, Ireland, and John Nolan, an Irish immigrant from County Wexford, Ireland.

Maurice was born on April 28, 1858 when Anne was 23; we can assume he was born at home - likely with the assistance of a mid-wife. I would imagine Anne missed her own mother very much during the early days with Maurice. Maurice was the first of Anne's 10 children - 7 of whom lived to adulthood.

His name is of interest to me - often Irish parents named their first son after the boy's grandfather.   It is possible that he is the grandson of a Maurice Nolan.

Additionally, Ann sailed on the Emma Prescott with a Maurice Lyons  Is her oldest son named for him?

Maurice is listed in the 1860 census, with his parents, and baby brother Thomas. They lived in the 18th Ward of New York City in District 6, possibly at 194 East 25th Street (using the NYC Directory along side the 1860 Census).

In 1875, when Maurice would have been 15, I find a Morris Nolan in Rockland County, New York - listed as a boarder. I am unable - thus far- to find any other Nolan's between 1860 until 1880 - is this evidence of Maurice living with friends - perhaps as the family moved toward White Plains from New York City?   Rockand County west of White Plains - across the Hudson.

The entire Nolan family emerges again in 1880 in White Plains -- when Maurice is 22 years old and listed as a farm laborer. He is living at home, with both his parents, and his 4 sisters and 2 brothers.

Maurice marries Margaret Haggerty in 1885 (based on their answers to census takers later on) and Maurice Jr (their only son) is born in Port Chester in 1886.  Margaret is also listed as his widow on his death certificate.

In 1900, Maurice and his wife, Margaret and their son, Maurice, are found listed in Greenwich Connecticut; with 21 tenants, black and white, ranging in age from 81 to as young as 3.

In 1910, the Nolans remain in Greenwich - along with Maurice Jr (now 24) , but with fewer tenants (4 -- the McDonald Family, a dad and 2 grown boys) and a Clara Haggerty -- none of whom were tenants in the 1900 census.

A 1917 Military Census lists the Maurice Nolans at 53 Sherwood Place, in Greenwich Connecticut.

In 1920, Maurice and Margaret remain in Greenwich, with one boarder, a Ralph Dan (22).

Their son, Maurice Joseph Nolan Jr. pops up again in 1920- living with his wife, Anna, in Greenwich. Anna, was born in Domene Grere, France and came to America at the age of 23 (in 1910). In 1921, Anna applied for and was granted a passport; in Anna's application she details plans to travel to Italy and Portugal !

In 1930, Maurice Sr and his wife Margaret remain at 53 Sherwood Place, in Greenwich, CT. 

Also in 1930, Maurice Jr. and his wife remain in Greenwich, living with their niece, Elizabeth White (born in New York -- I am assuming she is Anna's niece). This couple also has lodgers or tenants, including Alice Langley (29), Nettie Macdonald (30, and Joseph Carolan (50).

Maurice Nolan's death certificate lists his death date of January 3, 1933.  He was buried from St. Mary's.

Margaret remained in their home on 53 Sherwood; she is found residing their alone in in the 1940 US Federal Census. 

Maurice Jr died on March 9, 1963 leaving no heirs.  Anna died four years later, April 16, 1967.


  1. So -- what else would you like to know -- what me to research some of the tenant/boarders?

  2. I don't remember meeting anyone else at Maurice/Anna's home....Mickey does. She says we went there after we left Port Chester when on the annual vacation back. I've blocked on that. it would be fun to hear about the borders -- who, why etc.

  3. I just discovered a great free online resource for searching archived USA based small town newspapers (news, photos, obituaries, etc) via the website of archiving company Small Town Paper’s website. It’s definitely worth checking out!

  4. Hello there, came across your site while doing some research on my Carolan ancestors originally from Co. Meath Ireland who emigrated to the US in the early 1900s. The Joseph Carolan listed in the 1930 Census living with Maurice & Anna Nolan was my father's uncle. Joseph lived with the Nolans it would seem from at least 1928 up to at least 1955. In 1959 he resided at Bruce Park Ave, Connecticut. I initially thought that Joseph Carolan worked for Maurice as Maurice was the owner of a Station Garage and Joseph was a taxi driver. I have now found that Joseph actually worked for the Greenwich Cab Co. Joseph never married and he died in Connecticut in 1962 at the age of 82. He obviously remained close friend of the Nolans as in his will dated 1950 he left his automobile to Anna Nolan. Anna Nolan was also listed as one of the executors of his will as was an Elizabeth Crichton (Maybe she was Elizabeth White, Anna's niece who was listed in the 1930 census ?) Just thought I would share this small bit of info with you, Regards Mary McLoughlin(Ireland)